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75th Anniversary

75th Anniversary

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This website is devoted to making the history of the Rural Sociological Society and rural sociology more accessible.

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75th Anniversary of the Rural Sociological Society

On July 26-29, 2012, the Rural Sociological Society celebrated its 75th Anniversary.
Below are some of the resources and displays developed by the RSS Historian for this celebration.

For a brief overview on how the RSS was started, click here.
For some of the "Firsts" in the history of rural sociology and the RSS, click here.


RSS Presidents (1938 - 2012)
Editors of Rural Sociology (1936 - 2012)
Editors of The Rural Sociologist (TRS) (1973 - 2012)
Distinguished Rural Sociologist Award Winners (1981 - 2011)
American Sociological Society's Section on Rural Sociology (1922-1937)

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Display Books (These books were created to contain copies of original documents from the RSS Archives. The pdf files below contain the historical summaries and other parts of the display volumes, but not copies of the original documents.)

The American Sociological Society's Section on Rural Sociology

Creating the Journal Rural Sociology

Establishing the Rural Sociological Society

Organizing the 1st World Congress of Rural Sociology: The Beginnings of the International Rural Sociological Association

Congress Strikes Again: The Era of the 'Big Chill'

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Trivia Game

Full Trivia Game (click to play)
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RSS Oral History Project

Oral History Project Information

Meet the Videographer
Oral History Project Website

Conference Program

(Contents were re-designed to match the conference program)

Timeline of selected events in the history of the Rural Sociological Society
First Officers of the RSS
A Communication from the Retiring President on the start of the RSS (O.D. Duncan, 1953)

75th Anniversary Celebration Party

Welcome from Olaf F. Larson

Professor Emeritus, Cornell University
Born: 1910; Original member of RSS; President RSS 1957-1958; Distinguished Rural Sociologist 1985

Career Highlights


Trivia Game Prize

Commemorative Coin from the 3rd World Congress of Rural Sociology
Commemorative Coin from the 3rd World Congress of Rural Sociology 

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