Kentucky: By The Numbers
Kentucky: By The Numbers

Links with Other Associations

Links with Other Associations

Links with Other Associations

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This website is devoted to making the history of the Rural Sociological Society and rural sociology more accessible.

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RSS Presidents
who also Served as President of other Professional Associations

(Dates in parentheses refer RSS presidential term)

Over the years, many rural sociologists have served as president of professional associations other than the Rural Sociological Society.
The list below does not capture all of these, but it is a list of those who were also president of the RSS.

If you know of other societies or other presidents that need to be included, please send them to the RSS Historian.


American Sociological Association

1942  Dwight Sanderson (1938-1939)

1946  Carl C. Taylor (1939-1940) 

1967  Charles P. Loomis (1947-1948)

1971  William H. Sewell (1954-1955)


Population Association of America

1954-1955  Margaret Jarman Hagood (1955-1956)

1960-1961  C. Horace Hamilton (1949-1950)

2010-2011  Daniel Lichter (2010-2011)


American Country Life Association

1935  Carl C. Taylor (1939-1940)

1938  Dwight Sanderson (1938-1939)



Southern Sociological Society

1945  Howard Beers (1951-1952)

1947  T. Lynn Smith (1941-1942)

1956  Irwin T. Sanders (1956-1957)

1958  C. Horace Hamilton (1949-1950)

1959  Harold Kaufman (1961-1962)

1963  Alvin Bertrand (1967-1968)

1977  Tom Ford (1972-1973)

2007  Ron Wimberley (1991-1992)


Midwest Sociological Society

1953-1954  William H. Sewell (1954-1955)

1964-1965  Robert L. McNamara (1966-1967)


Eastern Sociological Society

1949-1950  Nathan L. Whetten (1953-1954)


North Central Sociological Association

1940-1941  Charles R. Hoffer (1959-1960)


Southern Rural Sociological Association

1983-1984  Ron Wimberley (1991-1992)

1986-1987  Lionel "Bo" Beaulieu (2003-2004)



Most organizations only list past presidents on their websites. The Pacific Sociological Association (PSA) lists all past officers. While the PSA and the RSS do not have any presidents in common, Paul Landis (RSS President 1945-1946) served as Secretary-Treasurer of the PSA from 1938-1942. 

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